Apr 12, 2014


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820hp GDI Twin turbo V6 Ecoboost

We have just completed our latest V6 Twin Turbo Direct injected Ecoboost project, This engine is internally modified with custom racing components, This is the highest horsepower V6 Ecoboost that we know of in existance.

**Click Here for more info and video**


 Jan 6, 2014


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Life Racing D5 color dash

Some screen shots of the new Life Racing D5 color dash

5″ display
Clearest Display on the market
Auto brightness
6 configable pages
On screen programming
USB stick logging (Massive Logging)
Ethernet comms
X2 CAN comms
Water sealed CNC alum case
Built in Shift and warming lights
Reasonably priced


Ford V6 ecoboost Dyno video


Using the Life Racing F88GDI Ecu we are able to have the best Ecoboost package available on the market right now, This makes a great 7200 engine package with the most available torque and horsepower you can get.

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