Jun 14, 2014


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Mike Johnson Wins Baja 500 Again

Mike Johnson wins the 2014 Baja 500 again with the Danzio GDI 2.4 Ecotec using the Life Racing F88GDI4 ECU once again this engine package has proven itself in durability and power.

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Johnson baja 500 win

 May 13, 2014


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Danzio Twin Turbo Trophy Truck Incar video

Here is a video we made from the Silver State 300, We have inserted the data from the Life Racing ECU in the video.

Click Here for Video

 May 6, 2014


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Twin Turbo Trophy Truck Finishes SS300

Our new Geiser Twin Turbo Trophy truck finishes the BITD silver state 300 with zero engine problems, We are very excited as this is a brand new engine package we are developing at DanZio, Our goal is to put as many miles as we can on this engine and gather data for analysis to help improve the new design and with over 40+ sensors on the truck we have plenty to look at, The Idea with the turbo system we are running is not…

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